CLIMB Wahoo independent adjustment

hello, I have a Kickr Climb from Wahoo. It would be interesting to have an adjustment option in Zwift to allow us to separate the training base simulation and the CLIMB. I would love to have 100% sensation for my CLIMB when I am going up, but to have 75% sensation with my training base.

That would be cool, but I think the Climb’s movement is based on the incline setting that the trainer receives from the game, so I don’t see how the game could control the Climb independent from what it sends to the trainer. The game doesn’t talk directly to the Climb device.

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There’s a workaround you can use by adjusting the wheelbase setting. Essentially you divide your actual wheelbase by your trainer difficulty setting and enter the result in your kickr settings. Eg 990mm / 0.75 gives you 1320mm to enter into the Kickr settings. There’s a zwiftinsider article about it, kickr-climb-trainer-difficulty.

It’d be great if there was a setting within zwift to do it directly, but for now the workaround is the best solution.