Zwift doesn't control Wahoo climb at 'Workout'

Hi, I use wahoo kickr 5th generation + wahoo kickr climb with Zwift. Climb works well at normal riding like group or single riding with up & downhill. But if I carry out ‘Workout’ program of Zwift. Kickr Climb doesn’t make up & downhill. Please give me some advice with my next questions.

(Q1) Is this designed by Zwift? I mean is this normal?
(Q2) I think if there is some option like ‘Climb works or not at Workout’, it will be the best. Do we have that kind of option?

Please give me some advice.

It’s by design, I’m afraid. There’s an existing thread on this somewhere.

Looks like you found it - Kickr Climb in Workouts

It’s really simple. If Zwift makes the option like my Q2, everyone will be happy.