Climb Portal - Route not showing as complete

Hey, let’s not turn the thread I started into a Zwift hate campaign! I was just wondering why I didn’t have a couple of routes marked as complete. I actually love Zwift and think the subscription price is fair. I also really like the new climb portal, the climbs are really challenging and fun.

I’ve been really impressed with Zwift development over the past few months, the pace partner teleport option is amazing.

Yes I’d like my completion badges, but it really doesn’t bother me that much if I don’t have them.


Hi Captain Scott,

I hear what you’re saying but don’t agree with it, i’m posting my opinion on what i’m seeing and my feedback, if it didn’t bother you with route completion why post in the first place?

My argument and opinion on poor development still stands and that’s my opinion not a hate campaign to be honest with forum members and Captain Scott :slightly_smiling_face: and i’m not affiliated with zwift, just an honest opinion from an honest man with 6 years paying for zwift.

Yes beautiful new climbing zones all coloured coded so you can measure your effort brilliant :fist:t2: Zwift I’m climber but to complete 2 of 8 zones and you’re 100% complete? come on your having laugh if think this is right and acceptable for £12.99 for new functionality not thought out correctly.

Zone completion is all i’m asking for, fair and reasonable, I need the carrot Captain Scott :yum: simple acknowledgment of effort is common sense, let’s be honest.

Ride on :fist:t2:

Hiya Peter, I think it’s Gods way of telling me that I need to ascend the Col Du Tourmelet again at some point lol.

You make some fair points my friend and you don’t need to agree!

Ride On.

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Hi Captain Scott,

100% :fist:t2: stay strong brother and ride on!

We didn’t pay £12.99 for new functionality though, as I’m sure you appreciate.

Indeed, one could argue we were paying £12.99 already and this is a free bonus.

That said, far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the number of people noting the same issue (that climbs aren’t marked as complete) clearly points to a bit of a failure on the UX front here.

A challenge with all eight climbs makes better sense then.
Also, the title of the activity should actually show which climb was accomplished.
Especially if we assume other climbs like the Stelvio, Mr. Fuji, etc will be added to the list at some point.

But one that far fewer people would want or be able to complete. The Tourmalet is not an easy or short climb.

I’ve only done ones I could fit into a lunch hour.

Hi, just wanted to say that I’ve had this problem.
My first ride in Stage 1 never got a green tick but the 2nd did. I’ve just finished a ride in Stage 2 and it’s not been ticked off either but I’m guessing/hoping my 2nd ride in it will be. For my preference I would like to see each one ticked off as I can keep track of which to do next. With dyslexia it’s hard to remember which ride by name and numbers, with a green tick it’s easier. Is it that difficult in the programming?
Don’t get me wrong though I like the new Portal idea, it gives more climb options especially when you don’t have much time.

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I have wondered if we had the Alp du Huez in the portal, would some get faster?
Or maybe give up when you see the eta grow longer and longer.
I tend to go harder with the red and softer in the blue.
I don’t think there would be any blue there as it is up all the way, right?

Two little climbs are not much of a “challenge”.
Go big or go home. lol.
I plan on doing the Tourmalet next. I have done 5 of 8 so far.

I don’t see a problem with having a challenge that only requires two rides, but it seems clear from the user feedback that people need a better way to track completion of more than two. With ordinary routes, it’s easy to tell which ones you’ve done (in the game) and you get metrics in the Leaderboards section of the Companion app. I think that’s what’s missing. What if Leaderboards had a “world” called Climb Portal and each different climb showed up there?

I completed one of the climbs yesterday, Col du Aravis, it’s recorded on the companion app but does not appear as completed on my Zwift app. How do we get this recorded correctly please? I saved everything as usual.
I use iPad for the app and iPhone for the companion app.


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Datapoint: when the “La Reine” route was initially added to Zwift, it was Event Only and didn’t feature a route completion badge. (IIRC, it was mid-2020, Virtual Tour de France)

Around December 2022, it had a route completion badge added.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Zwift evolved the Climb Portals to add things like route badges in future, or even series badges for completing groups of them.

I think it’s safe to say ZwiftHQ has heard the user feedback on this topic - we’d love to see some kind of milestone badge(s) for each and/or all of the new climbs.

Perhaps even more fundamental – why is it that our Dotcom zwift activity names don’t include the name of the climb? Instead it’s just Mont Saint Michel France.

A bit unrelated, but noticed there are only 4 climbs available at the moment in the challenge. What happened to the other 4?

Click on the other stage …

I have completed all Stage1portal climbs but none have registered​:see_no_evil::woman_shrugging:t2:

Hi all,

I’ve completed a ride in the Stage 1 section of the climb portal challenge which shows up fine with a tick in the relevant section. However, I’ve also completed 2 climbs in the stage 2 section which refuse to show up as ticks. Therefore it seems impossible to complete the challenge!

Has anyone else had this issue, or am I doing something wrong somewhere??

Thanks for any help as it’s a bit frustrating…

When I climb anything in climb portal (great feature) I get no indication that Zwift knows I have done so.

It does not show in the 90 day PR section at the top nor the challenge screen.

It does show in companion and Strava.

This occurs on free rides and when I’ve selected a challenge

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Hi all,

I have completed 2 rides in the Climb Portal, one from each stage. No results when I get to the top, time, average power, 30/90 days PR etc. The stage page does indicate I have completed, no green ticks.

I think it’s a great idea, just disapointing. I really like to do most of the climbs twice to compare times.

Both climbs I pre selected the climbs and entered through the portal in France.

I have contacted Zwift support and they say they are looking into it but it’s taking some time.

Anyone else have a similar issue?

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Totally agree. At least any climb completed can be tracked i.e. on Strava. However, it should appear in Zwift for clarity.


Come on Zwift - thats not what you know climbers want to see - is there any plans to show the routes completed as complete (more than just the 1st two???)??