Climb portal Q

Hi all,
Is there a way to see how many valid attempts you’ve made on the climb portal?

Usually, I ride up and down the climb and head back the way I came after leaving the portal. However today I noticed a blue bar graph charting climb portal route progress which was barely 25% full after leaving the Madone. It took a lap and a bit of the volcano circuit to fill it… so now I’m wondering how many trips up big lumps have counted. :grimacing:

Also a few rides have been in workout modes, so you don’t see the route bar at all.

Anyone knows how it’s credited @shooj … any ideas?

Here’s hoping it’s when the climb summit arch is reached or when you exit the portal back to the world.

Every time you reach the top and banner pops up counts, you don’t need to complete the “route”.

50%, 75%, 100% & 125% doesn’t matter, they all count.

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That’s good, looking back on strava I should be 21-23ish then as I did a couple of the shorter ones twice in one ride.

Hi Neil, sorry I also need to see the count on portals rides. Where is this you talking about. Thanks Willem

As far as I am aware there is nothing which specifically counts your Climb Portal ascents.

However as you are registered with ZwiftPower you can use the ‘Activities’ section on ZwiftPower to search all rides by name.

As long as you use a consistent ride naming system the search facility will help you find only those rides containing the search words. If you generally leave the ride name as provided by Zwift you will have all your Climb Portal rides saved as Climb Portal ………

You can change your ride name to add a constantly increasing number after the appropriate search words to identify how many you have completed.

If however you have gone to the Climb Portal via another ride method say Pacer Group (which you did on 13th Dec & possibly 27th December ) you need to go back to those activities on ZCA and change ride name to start/include Climb Portal.(and then update the activity list)

If you rode the Climb Portal more than once in a ride (13th December) you need to identify that within the name, say using Climb Portal 6-10 to signify the 5 rides you did which took you to your 10 Climb Portal Pro badge.

Writing this and reading it probably takes longer than actually implementing a good ride naming system. Let’s just hope we don’t lose this useful ZwiftPower search facility in the future.

I think you have probably done 16 Climb Portal completions but you might find others.

I on the other hand am not so keen on climbing (or the graphics) and have only done one plus a short test first.

I just went to my activity feed at and counted them up.