Clean screenshots?

With the New York update, it seems I can no longer get a “clean” screenshot without the HUD.

Earlier this week, each screenshot (taken from Zwift companion) produced two images: one with the HUD and one without.


on what operating system are you running, I got clean pictures and I see a lot of them on strava without the HUD


A clean screenshot the first 3 or so images. Later the screenshots have HUD menu also …
I always get two screenshots:

  1. image_clean.jpg
  2. image.jpg

both of them without HUD. One a bit taller then the other one.

Zwift staff please explain.

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A_Cid: I think this has bee resolved some time ago.

Well when making more then 3 or so screenshots per ride i’m forced to hud images. So no it has not been resolved.

I’m running Windows and like to get the HUD snaps. If I set to Never I can’t even press F10 to make a snapshot. If I take a snapshot with the companion APP it’s allways without HUD. Actually now all snapshots, regardless of settings, are Clean!!! I don’t want clean. Give me the information in the snapshots!


Me too! I like the information the HUD gives me. So please bring it back or at least give me a choice.


Me as well I reported this last week before App upgrade & advised sorted.

Still not fixed, really frustrating as racing today need the stats for race reports & performance assessment. Had to take photo externally. Hope this is sorted soon please Zwift!


Agree. I took shots of the ride report and my ftp upgrade today and just got a clean version of me on a bike… :frowning:


I take a lot of snapshots (F10, on my Windows 10 system).

a) there are TWO images per F10: one is dark, one is correctly illuminated (normal)
b) two images: one dark, one normal, and the dark one is from a strange angle
c) normal image, but without the HUD menus.
d) normal image with HUD menus.

I’m never sure which of { a, b, c, d } will happen.

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same for me too(((

I always use the companion app as keyboard is out of reach. Recently been getting the clean screen shots as well which is quite annoying as i’ve just completed a race and wanted to capture the post race results.

I’ll try playing around with the uploader settings between always/never etc but would be nice if zwift just told us how it’s meant to work.

I just want it back how it was pre updates although i never could figure out what made it clean or not.

Simplest solution for me would be nice if using companion app it just saved a clean and HUD version to my PC then i can select as needed

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I want screen shot with ride report rather then a clean. If there’s option in setting it’ll be great for both kind of users.


There was the issue where one of the image was dark, contrasty and squished. It apparently got fixed, now I only get the _clean.jpg image with no HUD. I have to manually print-screen and paste in Paint to get all the results info after the ride. Windows with Companion App here, using both (F10 on Windows and the photo icon on the companion app)


Zwifters using a Windows 10 PC can press the Windows key simultaneously with the PrtSC key and get screenshots with the HUD displays. The photo is saved in Screenshots folder in the Picture folder. Also, if the left shift key is pressed 5 times in a row, an screen pops up giving the user the option to make the Ctrl, Alt, & Windows keys sticky. This eliminates the need to press both keys at the same time, so the Windows key can be tapped and the photo won’t be taken until the PrtSC key is tapped. This may work with other versions of Windows, but may not for laptops that require a Fn key to enable the PrtSC key function.

From other thread

Hey Stephen,

Thanks for reaching out to us here at Zwift! It’s the busy season here and we’ve recently received a large influx of support requests from members of the community. Our team is working to get to them as quickly as possible but that’s why it’s taken a while for you to get a response. We greatly appreciate your patience while we’ve worked to get back to you!

I’m sorry you’re still experiencing issues with screenshots. The HUD (Heads-Up Display) ​ was removed from screenshots in order to fix the bug we had before with corrupted screenshots​. That’s why you’re not seeing any ride data fields when you take a screenshot.

We do not have a definite timeline on when this will be fixed, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make Zwift better.

If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to write me back! I’d be happy to further assist you!

Thank you,

Lauren M.
Member Experience Agent

It is not working for me. I dont even get clean shoots, only desktop shoot on win10…

Same problems here. I normally have “never” selected in image uploading but this now prevents any in game screenshots. I have disabled that to get some screenies only for the shots to now have no HUD info, which is what I want them for 99% of the time :frowning: