"Classic" start menu?

I’ve never liked the current start menu/page. There’s no stroller on thr right and I have to get off the bike to scroll on the screen with my finger.

The other day, I logged in and the “classic” (2020-21) menu was back. It was gone today.

Is there some thing I did to provoke that? I’d love to keep the classic menu all the time.


If you mean the home screen, it’s a feature enabled by the server. On Windows there’s a “hack” to revert to the classic one, open ZwiftApp.exe with an hex editor (like HxD), search for the feature name (game_1_20_home_screen) and change any character.

What are you running Zwift on? The new home screen was rolled out and then rolled back on some platforms (eg, Android 13). Long term you will not be able to keep the old home screen.

I run it on a laptop with my phone on companion nearby.
I think editing the files is beyond my abilities. :slight_smile:

Was I the only one that got the classic menu on wed?

No, i had exactly the same thing on Wednesday at about 1300GMT (running W10); though I closed and reopened Zwift almost immediately and had the new homescreen return.

Perhaps it was a failed call to the backend service that flips on the new home screen feature?

I keep a wireless mouse on the tray in front of the trainer so I can click and drag the home screen tiles.

If you don’t mind downloading and running an executable

Replace the original in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift

Notice that it will only work with the current version, after an update you need to patch the exe again.

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I also use a laptop and I know that they seem to be different from laptop to laptop.

I assume you can reach your laptop keyboard, which I think you would still need to do with the old Home Screen anyway ? (I’m not sure )

Have you tried your directional arrows, esc and enter keys as this is the way I find easiest to navigate the Home Screen when on the bike.