Class Swapped Around

I use a big screen TV for my riding and it is positioned some distance from me. So small things such as the class on the upcoming events are not really that clear. But since I know my class and my alphabet I know that I should click on the 3rd little circle when joining an event, which I did. The 3rd letter in the alphabet used to be C. Well I was quite surprised to find myself racing in the D category when the event started. At the end result screen, I noticed that there the alphabet was rearranged too, as in A B D C. Is this a new standard?

Yeah this is a bug that we’re investigating currently so thank you for the heads up! I answered your post in the Feedback section where you referred to this as well so I’ll edit that reply. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the investigation!

Update: This bug should be fixed in an upcoming update.