No leaderboard for the 2nd time

Hello Zwift
There was no leaderboard in the Tock tock race of 17.10 today Amsterdam time.
Also the normal zwifters were on the track.
This makes a race useless, please clarify

Same happen to me today afternoon at “3R Sand & Sequoias” race.
Afterwards I found out that I choose the wrong category. D instead of C (minimum category).
On zwift power I am just listed in the unfiltered results and marked with “UPG”.
Did you start within your min. category?

This was not the issue. Everybody in the race had the same issue. This was clear in the chat.

In the forum history I found in the meantime several similar issues since 2018. Looks like it’s a bug. Or a performance issue, since the number of users is dramatically increasing over the last 12 month.