Chrome extension for extracting workout data from feed page

When you visit the Zwift feed page to review your workouts, do you ever wish you could just download the data to a spreadsheet?

I created an extension for the Chrome browser that lets you do just that. After you install the extension (and pin it to your toolbar), you can just click the icon to start it up. It scrolls in all of your workouts (which will take a minute or two if you have a lot), and then it presents a table containing the top-level workout data (distance, time, calories, etc) for each ride. You can click a button to copy the table to the clipboard, and then paste it into your favorite spreadsheet app.

Give it a try, and reply here to let me know how it worked for you. It’s totally free and does not ask for any personal information. The extension is available from the Chrome Web Store. Just go to the Extensions section and search for “Zwift Feed Scraper”.

Sounds a great idea, however I normally analyse my ride data either in stage or Garmin connect