Zwift Activity Feed - How to Extract Data to Excel?

Zwift Activity Feed - How to Extract Data to Excel?

Hello friends,

Anyone know how is it possible in Zwift activity feed to extract data to Excel?


You can download the FIT file from your activity. There are tools to convert the FIT file to text, for example the FIT CSV Tool included with the FIT SDK from Garmin.

@Gerardo_Bravo_8806 do you have a Garmin Connect account? If you own a Garmin product such as an Edge bike computer likely already have a Garmin Connect account. If you don’t I believe you can create one even if you don’t own a Garmin device. Once you have a Garmin account, you can link Zwift to that Garmin account and all rides from that point forward will automatically upload to Garmin Connect.

For all the rides you have completed in the past, this ZwiftInsider article tells you how to upload all your past rides into Garmin Connect. The .fit files for all your past rides is already on your computer if you are using a Windows PC (I can’t speak for Apple products).

Why Garmin you might ask - Garmin Connect has a simple export to Excel feature. So by getting all your rides into a Garmin Connect account, you can then easily create an Excel file from that.

I happen to use Garmin Connect as my primary activity log since I use a Garmin Edge on my bike, have a Garmin watch for all my hikes, etc., then Zwift uploads it’s rides to Garmin. I occassionally export an Excel file from Garmin to have for some analysis and tracking. It is all very easy.

thank you very much¡