Choppy video using chromecast from pc to tv

(Andrew Pfau LIBC) #1

Using Chromecast and an older PC I get a choppy video. Bought HDMI cables that connect to the tv but my pc only has usb ports.  If I get an adaptor can I output video using usb and connect to an HDMI cable to improve my video feed?

(Gerrie Delport) #2

Dont your PC have s DVI (screen port) port, then you can get a dvi to HDMI cable.

You can get USB to HDMI but not all of them work great. 

What screen card do you have?

(Andrew Pfau LIBC) #3

The video card is a GEForce 310 by NVIDIA. I am not sure what a DVI screen port is but I think the answer is yes.

(Andrew Pfau LIBC) #4

Can I get an adaptor to use HDMI cables from the TV to a dvi screen port on my PC?

(Gerrie Delport) #5

I looked at your screen card, it has a DVI (the big port on the right), display port (center) and VGA (Left).

You can get a DVI to hdmi adaptor, or you can get a cable from the vga port to the vga port on your tv (if your TV has a VGA port, most have one). 

 You can also go from the display port to hdmi.