Samsung Tablet to mains and HDMI....Can I?

Hi…being an old bloke, I’m struggling to find out if i can connect my Samsung Galaxy 7 Tablet to Mains whilt simultaneously feeding out to an hdmi monitor. I have a lead that does the latter, but if on a long ride my tablet runs out of power…as do i.

Anyway, does anyone have an answer or solution to this please? Ive seen a few on Amazon, but i cant tell if they charge the tablet or just send power to the hdmi! I guess thats age!

Thank you

Not sure what type of charging port you have micro hdmi or usb-c you would need something like this.

Yeah that’s what i was looking at. Im looking to plug something into the mains to charge my tablet whilst also running a bigger screen via hdmi. Currently i have a lead from the tablet o hdmi, but it doesnt charge the battery. Im just not sure if this will do that

One of the best quality USB-C to HDMI adapters is made by Apple. It works with non-Apple devices. It will power the device. It is more expensive than most of the off-brand products you see on Amazon, but quality of the inexpensive adapters is hit or miss. Some of them are garbage.

Great stuff. Thanks Paul, ill order one