Choose Any Avatar [2024]

I stand with my bald brothers and sisters, especially if the sun can reflect off our beautiful bald domes and blind our competitors during races!


Maybe they are saving fully bald not for a customization, but rather for use as a new power-up?

For the hair-o-dynamic benefits.

You nailed it with the “letting perfect be the enemy of doing something good.” We purposefully kept the scope small with the aim of being able to do more regular incremental improvements vs one big feature at a later date. Doing more (mix-n-match heads and bodies + facial hair for all) requires a lot more work on the art side and our artists have their schedules fill up extremely quickly as I’m sure you can imagine. :sweat_smile:


Well it’s very much appreciated :slight_smile: I think sometimes it’s easy to get to thinking that people are demanding huge and complete solutions from us (maybe sometimes because of what people say on forums like this, lol), at least I fall into that trap all the time. Incremental improvements can be very good though, I have to keep reminding myself.


If you read Heather’s post two above your own, you’ll see that this is just the beginning of a bigger project and more avatar updates are to follow.

totally agree

I too agree that totally bald is needed and I would imagine pretty easy to add. The crew cut looks like a full head of hair even with blonde chosen.

Also bald(ing) and my avatar’s better looking than me for sure!

I would like to have a longer hair option.


This is a different issue, longer hair has been covered before and because it goes beyond the top of the jersey it causes graphical issues beyond this facial refresh.

Thanks for the update zwift. This kind of topic systematically brings a lot of animosity towards progressive and inclusive views, so thanks for doing it. I am sure that it made a lot of people happy.


Some thoughtful commentary on avatar selection in Zwift