Avatars for older riders [February 2024] [1.58.0]

Thanks for all your hard work. How about avatar adjustments for those of us older than 30. Some of us are still riding in the 70s and 80s. How about some white hair, real life beards, wrinkles and senior faces. Thanks and proud to be 74.

Yep, cant remember when I was 30 as ive probably got Dementia due to my age .

But yeah an OAP appearance would be nice .

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Hi @lou_zitnik and @_VLAD_The_Impailer I understand how important it is to customize an avatar that represents our actual features!

It’s worth mentioning that we can choose white/gray hair color and facial hair. However, we are working to make Zwift more inclusive overall, and that takes many different forms. Thank you for your suggestions! Don’t forget to make sure you are on the latest game version. Click here to learn how to update it.

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Thanks for the reply. And, yes, I did notice that you can choose white hair, but there is no option for no hair or very short white hair. In other words, you have to have thick hair or a five-o’clock head shadow. However, I do understand that an avatar may be more about wish fulfillment than realism, so ride on. It’s a fun product.

Thank you for the timely response.