Old Farts need avatars too

I’m 68 and once had a short-lived and mediocre race career. There are undoubtedly many of us here. So why do I have to look like some damn kid! A black beard…are you kidding me. I’m comfortable with age spots, a bald head with a grey margin and these well earned wrinkles! Phah, you kids! Wait till I’m in form and I toast you!
Oh, are there old fart rides here?
Best to all.

Welcome Jim

Oh but you can age yourself - go to your Zwift garage and grey up your avatar, lose your hair, grow a beard. Age-based treats await…!

But we want wrinkles and age spots to match the hair color :slight_smile:

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See the plus points Jim, it’s been a lot of years since i’ve ridden with a a full head of hair and without inch thick glasses, but now at the press of a button I can have numerous styles, flawless skin and cool shades on.

As there are no avatar hair styles for us receding hair challenged types I no longer can make my avatar look like me. So had to make me look like my avatar. Number 1 haircut to mimic the crew cut hair style. And prescription shades just like the ones my avatar sports. So happy now :grinning:


Love this. I want guys who have ridiculous watts per kilo ratings to know that they just blew by an old man and there isn’t any glory in that. On the other hand… having your doors blown off by an “old fart” on a climb :rofl:

By the way, I’m 64 - grandpa to 10 and Great-granpa to 2 more. 2 ride with me now in the real world!

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I earned my wrinkles. And Lost my hair due speed friction.

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“The Herd” has a Geezer Squad group they call the Grey Hairs. Join the Herd, follow them on FB to get the latest poop.

we need a way to adjust for weight as well.

Greg, I haven’t found any info on how to do that. How do I find “The Herd” group info and join?

Use the link above to join the group.
The Grey Hair’s is an official gang within the heard. I suggest you post a question to get the information you are looking for and set up some ride time with them.
Once you are a member, check out the Announcement section ( Left hand of FB screen. There is a sticky for resources and that wil be very helpful. We use a app called Discord to have real time conversations during the ride, etc… Links to the events pages, etc.

Good Luck, welcome to the Herd! There are lots of “Mooo’s”, and odd animal memes! :slight_smile: