Choice of actual bike for ZWIFT racing


I am relatively new to ZWIFT. As an outdoor riding season is winding down in Ontario I plan to spend more time zwifting & racing. Thus my question… Does it matter in the racing context what actual bike I use?

My current set-up is Wahoo Kickr and MTB Rocky Mountain Soul 29. The bike was my first MTB bike which I bought in 2011 if I recall it correctly. Though I maintain it regularly the shifting is not perfect (it is an entry-level bike). Other than that it is good for training.

I wonder if I gain any competitive advantage switching to a road bike. Understandably aerodynamic, weight, etc. does not matter in stationary environment. But maybe the shifting does. Or there is a mental aspect…

Thank you for all responses in advance.

Zwift racing can be very competitive. People say it’s all about the W/Kg one can throw down. Obviously shifting on flat Crit courses will be minimal but if you intend on doing mountain or hilly routes it could become crucial. Supposedly one can minimize shifting required by lowering the “Trainer difficulty” setting lower. (Hint: it has an improper name.) I used a 20 year old MTB that shifts poorly for 2000 kilometers. Then again, I wasn’t racing. I would say give it go and see what happens.

Вадим, все хорошо будет :slight_smile: Ватты считываются все равно с кикера и накат велосипеда не играет роли, главное что бы кассета подходила и цепь в хорошем состоянии, а скорость переклюка не так важна. Из минусов - может быть посадка, если “дорога” твоя основная дисциплины.

I made the change and improved a lot. It feels better for racing in any way. Get an old aluminium bike with shimano 105 and only 10 speeds and you are good to go.

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Having access to more positions from a road bike is a godsend for long rides and races. I also can’t put nearly as many watts in a sprint without the drops.
Would it justify the cost if you don’t already have a road bike? I’d say it’s questionable unless you plan on taking it seriously.

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