Choice for laptop

(Rob Fleischmann ZHCC) #1

I am currently running Zwift on a fairly old HP laptop and looking to upgrade to a newer laptop more geared towards this level of graphics.  I am considering two options:

ASUS ROG GL551 JW w/GEFORCE GTX960M Graphics card 15.3" display


Similar ASUS with GTX860M Graphics card with 17.3" display.  The laptop with the 17.3 is about $50 more, but has the lesser graphics card.  Am I better off with the larger display and the slower card or the faster card with the smaller display?

Also any “cheaper” suggestions (<$1000) would be welcome.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Robert,

While the 960M is a helluva graphics card, the 860M is no slouch either and should run Zwift at high quality with excellent frame-rates.

These are gaming-specific laptops so they’ll be bulky, garish, and possibly more power than you need (unless you plan on also picking up some other computer games).

Right now, for sub-$1000 PCs, this seems to work well:

It’s $800, has a very nice set of specs, and while it doesn’t have as large a screen, an HDMI cable to a TV can solve that.

I wouldn’t consider this an official endorsement, but if you find something with similar specs then it should work very well with Zwift (especially if it’s even cheaper).

(J Nadolski) #3

I upgraded to a new Windows 8 ‘gaming’ laptop with an i7 processor and a much better graphics card - it fixed my issue of not seeing the other riders or AI Bots I had with a basic HP Laptop w/ an i5 and generic imbedded graphics. I have the full Zwift experience now - awesome!

The laptop I purchased (link below) was based on the recommendation (but not an endorsement) above, but went up a level.


New Laptop via Amazon (got great ratings):

(Frank Goehner) #4

I recently purchased a new Dell Inspiron 3542, with an Intel HD Graphics 5500 video card, i3 Processor, 4 gb ram, and Windows 8.1, all for under $500.

I haven’t had any problems.