Cheapest PC to Run Zwift at Highest Graphics Quality

I hoping someone knows of the cheapest PC that can be bought, pre-built, that runs Zwift at the highest graphics possible OOTB?

Impossible to say without knowing where you live, whether it can be used or must be brand new, how you’re defining ‘highest graphics possible’, and any other limitations/expectations - such as whether or not you want a laptop.

USA. I want to have all of the graphics maxed out as far as Zwift allows or is programmed for, for the cheapest price, pre-built.

Is frame rate important?
Does it have to be brand new?
Can it be a desktop?
Will you use a TV or monitor?
Is adaptive sync something you’d be interested in?

I want the highest quality graphics experience, so yes, if 60 fps is the highest Zwift allows, that’s what I want. It doesn’t matter what form factor, etc. Cheap Samsung 65 inch 4K TV.

If you don’t know, that’s fine. Just hoping someone knows.

60fps isn’t the highest it allows, but if you’re using a cheap TV then 60fps is the target.

I’ll have a look, I’m trying to make the point that you can’t just say ‘what do I buy’. Put some effort in.

I don’t want to put in effort. Surely there’s someone using Zwift that rode over to Best Buy, or whatever, and picked up a PC that works great.

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You want the cheapest.

In fact, it seems odd that Zwift doesn’t sell PCs in their shop.

Not the cheapest, no. The cheapest that will run Zwift at the highest quality possible.

It’s not strange at all, for this very reason. There are a lot of variables, and getting the highest possible graphics and frame rate means seeking out a suitable configuration, in a country you can buy it from. And then finding the cheapest of them.

It’s strange to me. Create a line of PCs known to work perfect with Zwift, for a TV, for a monitor, etc. List them up on the Zwift shop. List which graphics profiles they will run. List the prices next to them. Done.

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They don’t even know themselves.


Maybe not. It’s one possible way the Zwift could improve the experience. It’s within the realm of very possible.

BTW, you asked where I live. I thought my profile was public. Are you able to see it?

I didn’t think to look at it.

Anyway I have no particular desire to trawl US websites looking for what are incredibly poor value deals (prebuilts for Zwift almost always are), but for example $530 gets you this:

It will never be CPU bound and will get Ultra profile (the highest). However whilst it can run the game on the 4K resolution setting (the highest), it won’t be able to hold 60fps there. You need a much more powerful graphics card for 4K, which means you start to throw away big money on CPU cores, RAM and storage that you don’t need.

PS: please don’t buy that heap of crap.

Can’t you just link something like this and call it a day? (add an ‘h’ to the front of theURL… some of us evidently can’t post links for whatever reason).


Good plan. :rofl:

If Zwift would just fix whatever the bug is with the Mac M1s, I wouldn’t be here. So frustrating.

It’s straightforward to chuck together a PC from new and used parts for $200 that will annihilate an M1 Mac in Zwift, even if the shadows weren’t broken. Wanting a brand new prebuilt to run 4K60 changes everything.

Using new parts from Newegg (only) and building from scratch, I get to about $600 for a full 4K rig that would be at 60fps in almost all circumstances. It wouldn’t hold 60fps in the golden tree area of Yumezi though, that needs a stronger graphics card. Dust clouds destroy almost anything.