Changes to Zwift minimum requirements - Windows 7 and El Capitan EoL

Not seen this mentioned elsewhere yet so thought I’d put it on here. Think these changes have been hinted at a few times recently but I’m not sure when the minimum specs page was formally changed.

Essentially Windows 7 is officially no longer going to be supported by the end of the year, nor is El Capitan and earlier. This doesn’t necessarily mean the game will suddenly stop working, but if you have any issues at all, the first thing Support will say is that your system is too old.

The page also mentions 8GB of system RAM being the minimum required, even though Zwift will presently run fine on a lot less than this - albeit with low quality textures. No notable changes to anything else.

Then again, it’s entirely possible that the game will stop working, if the OS version is checked at startup…

Yep, I edited my post. If it’s a minimum requirement, it may well be enforced. :+1:

Fun times on here if so. :rofl:

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Would anyone from Zwift be able to confirm if it will be enforced?

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“The Zwift game app will no longer function on deprecated operating systems.”

Thanks Oliver