Changes to Pace Partners [May 2022]

@James_Zwift After another great session with a D-bot in Makuri, a request to go low on the priority list: I use the scrolling effort chart across the bottom of the screen and the banner for Debbie(?) is yellow with white lettering (distance front/back)…for older eyes the contrast is negligible and most of the time I cannot read. Any chance of changing the font color?

Otherwise thanks again for putting in all the different levels. Really has been helpful.

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Understood - this has been brought up a few times.

Everything I am doing with Pace Partners is using existing functionality. I’ll add the colours to my wishlist.

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I’ve only just realised why I find the newer PPs slightly odd, visually. With them not riding glowing Concept Z1s, there’s something odd from behind about a brightly glowing pair of zwifty haunches on a black saddle! :grin:

Nearly fooled me today, as Anquetil was “demoted” to C when I logged in and Brevet was a D. That would’ve been a bit of a shock, especially for novices!

I was able to “solve” this on apple TV by simply not pedaling until the bot appears.

It’s summer where I live so I am mostly outside and therefore slow to notice changes. Today I discovered Charlie Chaser in Makuri Islands at 3.0 w/kg and 75 kg.

I got dropped when Charlie’s power increased to 3.3 w/kg going uphill but that’s ok for my first time trying it out. I was finding Coco a bit too easy and it’s a nice challenge to have Charlie a bit too hard.

Thanks for adding this one. I don’t know Zwift’s long term plans but I hope Charlie sticks around.