Changed my route in middle of ride! Went from flat to 20% incline!

Hi there. I was doing my long ride for the week which I usually do on a flat course to keep my HR down. All of a sudden, in the middle of my ride I was in a different route, with a different jersey on!!! And it was climbing extreme hills! I stayed in it to the end - waaay slower cadence of course but it was very hard on my legs and hard to keep my HR down. I didn’t want to have to shut down and start up again…
I do my long runs the day after so it was a tough run because of that.
What happened Zwift???

Can you provide a rundown of your setup, as well as what version of Zwift you are running? Also, if this happens again I would suggest just doing a uturn and then navigating to some flatter roads. Not as good as staying on the route you thought you were riding, but possibly better than having to deal with those inclines!

And do you have a link to this activity on Strava, or some other platform? Your Zwift profile is private so we can’t look at your route to see if that offers any clues.

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Did you sign up for a event that started during your ride?

I have a link to Garmin. Also, I did do a uturn also I tried to turn onto other routes to avoid more hills coming up!

No I didn’t sign up for any events for that day
But it did look like I was in one!

My set up if I use a Wahoo Kickr smart trainer. I think I am using the most update version of Zwift as I always update.

Depending on what device you use, it could be outdated. There were two updates within the last 10 days, make sure you are fully up to date.

I received and updated both. And re started.

I just think this was a weird glitch…never seen anything like it before