Change workout on the fly

I’m looking for a function that allows me to change the content of a workout on the fly.
E.g: I feel particular well during a session with intervalls and would like to add an additional intervall. Is there a function that supports this?
Or should I just add an intervall to my planned workout from the beginning and then skip the last one if I do not feel so well? Then the question would be how I could skip an intervall and go then to the cool down section ot the workout.

(I’m not talking about adjusting the power etc. but adding an additional segemt during the workout)
Thanks for your help here.

You could add extra intervals beforehand as it’s easy enough to skip them with the companion app (too easy in my opinion as I keep doing it accidentally). I think the only way of adding to a workout on the fly is to increase the intensity. I suppose another option would be to have another workout ready which you could switch to if you wanted.