Variable Time Options and On-the-fly Editing of Workouts

I have a lot of workouts that have sections that have variable length (ex. easy until you’re ready for the next set). TrainingPeaks allows for parts of a workout to continue until you press the Lap button on your watch/device - so the same variable flexibility would be a nice, easy-to-add feature. Your warm-up or rest intervals could go as long as you want, and then you hit the next button when you’re ready to advance.

Of course, you could do that now, but you will show as failed on that segment.

Another related feature is to change the resistance more than the +/- 10% on the fly. If you’re a few minutes into a workout and you realize it’s either much too hard or too easy, it’d be nice to adjust it on the fly rather than stop the workout, re edit it, and then start it over again.

In the companion app, could we add in an erg mode controller like the Wahoo app something like this:

These would take workout mode to the next level.