Change RoboPacer Font Colour

Riding with Miguel today and being older, i still find it very hard to read the distance Miguel is behind me due to White font on a yellow background .
Please can you change the font colour to Black for all the yellow Robo Pacers.
Please help the elderly :older_adult: .

Also on lap 1 of the France course today Miguel was coming down the KOM and when he hit the bottom , he went from 60kph to 30kph instantly and we all lost him and had to stop till he caught up with us again . Didn’t happen on 2nd lap .

This has been raised quite a few times and nothing has come from Zwift HQ on this matter .

Im older, 60 plus and wear glasses for reading. Its hard to read the small typing on screen at best of times as i cant wear my glasses whilst riding .

But what makes it even worse is the,


I find it incredible hard to read the distances behind, the pacer is behind me .

Swapping the color of the text to BLACK will make it so much easier to read.

Im not the only person with this issue and it cant be that hard of an update for Zwift to change the colour .

Please can we look at having this issue resolved .

Ta very much .


Voted :pray: :white_check_mark:

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Your feedback is noted, and has been shared with the Zwift HQ team.

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But have they fixed the issue with white text on a yellow background for the four “D” pacers, which is unreadable when you’re trying to work out how many metres they are behind you? (I honestly don’t know - haven’t had a chance to update to the latest version yet)

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While you are working on the fonts, it might be a good time to improve visibility of white letters on a yellow background, which occurs often with the D Pacers. Perhaps an outline or shadow font, or black type


I spoke about this when discussing improvements for visually impaired Zwifters last week. It’s something we know about (I take it we’re talking about pace partners here)


Yes, though white text on a yellow background comes up in a few other places. Generally a bad idea for graphic design.


Can also be an issue for leader’s messages on a sea of white shirts.

Main issue when ride starts and all riders close.

Not a great example below, but seemed topical.


Maybe we can have the leader’s messages boxed with hazed/contrasted background to improve visibility?

Similar to those live stream onscreen messaging.


I totally agree. The white on yellow is difficult to see.


Thank you very much. Much appreciated .

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