Miguel: now more ROBO! 🤖

The new robotic Robo pacers are super creepy!! Feels like I’m in a bad sci fi movie and it’s gonna hunt me down.


I agree, definitely not a fan.


I think they look great, although I want to rename one of them as Chappie.


Frakkin’ toasters!

I think they look great. Would be better if the wheels weren’t sinking through the bridge though.

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Wow. Quite the change. EDIT - The more I look at them, the more I like them.

I suspect this was done partly to differentiate them from the new ghost replays which had the same translucent effect as the Pace Partners Robo Pacers.

IMO, the change makes sense. The pacers always rode physical bikes so it was a bit incongruous for them to be glowing, ghost-like avatars. Now, they appear as actual physical entities.

I agree they look super cool.

I was fan viewing all of them yesterday to see which one I prefer. I think the red won by a slight margin over Blue

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I think Coco just unfriended you.


Rode half an hour or so with Maria, Yumi and Jacques this morning. Looking good, homies! :sunglasses:


They do look really fast. I don’t think I would like to race them.

Now they need special bikes as well. :sunglasses:

I unfriended Coco when she started to drop me on every climb. :rofl:


Looks like the Robopacers have a sideline advertising mobile phone networks.

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Agreed, give them the Zwift Steel bike. :wink:

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Would a different bike change how fast a RP goes?

In a word yes. They’re set to put out a certain output but that’s relative to the equipment.

That sounds wierd because when we ride a steel bike with a sertain w/kg we ride slower than when we ride the same w/kg on a super light and aero bike (or not?).

No not steel some Tron 2.0

My understanding is that the pacers are just like any other rider and are affected by the aerodynamics of the bike, their height, weight, etc. Their power is predictable but their speed varies according to those factors and the conditions they are riding in. To me it makes sense that the pacer would ride a bike similar to what the typical participant would choose on the route.

Yeah, frame and wheels would impact speed just like an other Zwifter.