Change of difficulty

Suddenly, out of the blue, my pedaling became incredibly hard. Went from cruising and great workouts to hardly being able to push the pedals. Down to small chain ring and biggest cog. Anyone know what happened?

Can you please give us a complete rundown of your setup to we can better assist you.

I have been set at 204 for a year, worked great, excellent workouts, it was at 205 yesterday, put it back and is now at 204 again. I can’t push in the big chain ring but surprisingly, in the small chain ring its hard but I still go about 20 mph on rides. Previously, I was in big chain ring and could accelerate, stand and accelerate and stay with the BOTS that roam Watopia, not any more

Again, we would need more information about your setup to better assist you.

Wahoo Kickr, don’t know what else you need. Been riding for a year without difficulty

How are you connected, what device is Zwift running on, what version of Zwift and any other info that you can give use to better assist you:

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I have current version of Zwift, running on my iPad set up directly in front of the bike. Exactly as it has been for a year

What does 204 and 205 refer to?

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Also, just got off the bike and again, hard as ■■■■, small chain ring and largest cog in back, completely different from earlier in week, large chain ring and middle cog. Much faster earlier and more enjoyable but now very hard to pedal

Did you change the difficulty slider?

oh my, where is that?

That’s it, but the power setting does not appear in my settings, its used to

I mean the difficulty setting does not appear in settings

The Trainer Difficulty setting appears if you have a controllable trainer paired. If you have a classic/dumb trainer, you won’t see it.