Change Map View on Riding Screen

I just discovered that the route map shown in the upper right corner of the riding screen has three different views. The views are accessible by simply clicking on the map. The views include a small scale view of the route, a large scale view of the route, and a sort of topographical view that shows a bit of the terrain in a sort of 3D view. I found these choices by accidentally clicking on the map and saw that it changed. Is this a recent Easter Egg or has it been there a long time. I have seen no mention of it anywhere.

Are there any other quasi-hidden goodies that I should be looking for. Am I correct in assuming that this feature is well known?

This has been around for a while, at least on most versions. The Apple TV app seems to be the holdout, where only the small overhead view is available.

There have been a few points in time where I have seen the angled version on ATV, but it always reverts back to the overhead view. I’m really hoping the new UI updates coming soon will allow the different choices on ATV, as I find the small overhead view generally useless.

Is this feature documented anywhere?

It’s been the case since the mini map was introduced.