ATV Mini Map Perspective

It seems that with every update the perspective on the mini map in ATV changes to the ‘angled’ version from the ‘overhead’ perspective. At some point within a few days, however, it has always reverted back to overhead. In the few weeks since the Titans Grove expansion, however, the angled perspective held. Until today, that is. No update or any other changes of which I am aware, yet I am back to the (IMO) terrible overhead perspective.

Is there any way that the angled perspective can be brought back for good? Or some way to offer options, as some people do seem to like the OH view. The perspective can be toggled on other iOS devices, so why not on ATV? To me the OH view on the mini map is useless because it doesn’t show much, and I also already have the OH view in the companion app.

I agree with you, I run Apple TV 4K and the mini map is no longer changeable as was in my P.C. zwift running days…I hope this can be removed from the screen