AppleTV Minimap

Will changing the minimap view be enabled in future AppleTV versions?

The AppleTV remote can only be used to use a PowerUp and access the main menu right now. I’d like to see it be able to toggle the different Minimap views also.

I’m not sure how we may expose that, but in the meantime you can use our companion app “Zwift Mobile Link” on your phone along with your Apple TV Zwift session to get a fully interactive and pinch-zoomable minimap at your fingertips.   You can even tap on riders and see who they are right from the map.

Thanks, Jon.

Could you not use the trackpad to move over to it, and then tap to change?

I do use the ZML app for the map.
I was not aware you could tap on riders on the map - that’s handy. Sometimes trying to find someone nearby in the Zwifters list to give them a Ride On! ischallenging, since it refreshes quite often. So, thanks for that tip.

If this isn’t an option, could we have a switch in settings to choose between the old elevation and map.
If you’re using the ZML map the on screen isn’t needed.

The Apple TV minimap used to be 3D “PoV”, now it’s 2D view from above.  What happened there?  Adding the ability to choose between which minimap view on ATV would be fantastic.  On the big screen, I much prefer the 3D POV view of the map so you can see what’s coming up, particularly the arches in workout mode.