Change headgear in TdZ

In group rides where everyone wears the same kit I usually remove my avatars headgear so I can more easily pick them out when in a crowd of riders. In the 2 TdZ rides I have done my avatar is wearing a blue cap (which I don’t have in my garage) and keeps wearing it no matter what I select for headgear in my garage. Other riders however are wearing the usual variety of headgear (or none at all). What gives? Is it possible to remove this blue cap during a TdZ ride?

I was asking the same thing earlier today. From the horse’s mouth (@JamesBailey is an excellent horse):

The answer is… no.

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The group rides that you’re referring to probably don’t force any headgear on you, so you’re free to change it. The problem you’ve seen is that some events do force headgear (e.g. TdZ), and if they do you can’t change it.

I’ve looked at a bunch of pictures of other peoples TdZ rides from my companion app feed and indeed in all of them it looks like the rider is wearing the blue cap and no one else is. So it would seem that during the TdZ ride everyone is wearing a blue cap looking at themselves, but to each person everyone else is not!