Kit changes in group rides

I’m currently riding in both the Zwift Academy Tri and Neokyo badge hunt rides. When I join the event I get the event jersey, helmet, socks which is fine. However, I notice that other riders are able to change their accessories and I don’t seem to be able to figure out how they do it. I go into the garage after joining and it doesn’t let me change anything. I know I can’t change the jersey and shorts but how do you change the other accessories?

I am pretty sure it is a glitch. It will always show you with the Neokyo badge hunt series equipment/assigned equipment, but all other riders in their regular gear. Not 100% sure though.

It’s been like that in the last few Zwift events. Each individual rider will see themself in the full kit but everyone else will appear in that persons own selection for shoes and helmet.

You can’t change it, it’s the same experience for everyone.

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HI you can change by going into the garage when riding to change a jersey, you cannot change a bike unless you have stopped

That doesn’t apply for an event which forces you into specific kit, though.

You can still change the helmet and shoes and bike wheels i have found