Change Camera View - Zwift Companion

(Jon) #1

I love having the Companion app mounted on my bike whilst riding (training), however there is no option to change the camera angle. Is this a bug or a limitation of the app?

(Aaron) #2

The camera view can be changed in the Companion App while in the “Map” tab, by tapping on the eyeball icon in the action bar. You might have to swipe the action bar to the left to reveal it.

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(Jon) #3

Aha! Cool, I was looking for the same icon as the main App, i.e. the Camera with the number of the view.
Sorted! Thanks Aaron.

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(Lin) #4

Why would you think that? That would make too much sense! :crazy_face:

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(Nigel) #5

I would like to be able to ‘pan’ the camera from within the Companion app, in addition to changing the view, as users on the computer app can do.

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