Camera angles using Companion

Dear Zwift,

Please give us back the Camera angle button in the Companion app to behave as it used to be instead of showing a list of view angles to select.


Agreed, the new way is slower and cumbersome.

Aside from that, the hide overlays function should be beside the change camera views button.

Those are two features that are sometimes used together.

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Agreed. The new view menu is a really stupid design and slow/cumbersome. This should have been tested amongst non-Zwift employed riders before making it permanent.

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Please bring back just being able to toggle between camera views using the eye icon in the app. Going to a different menu, choosing from a list and then having to leave the menu to go back, rinse and repeat….makes no sense. Thank you

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Fully agree the new menu that you have to try scroll up/down while riding is much harder to navigate.


Hi gang, I’ve passed along your feedback to the team that works on the Companion app.


thanks this is across all devies i’d say pc with mouse and Ipad with touch to scroll are where i find the most frustration.