Camera views on laptop vs Ipad vs Companion

Yesterday I was riding using my laptop and the companion app, and discovered 10 different camera angles were available by pressing the numbers 1 to 0 on the laptop. Several of these were new to me, having normally scrolled through them via the ‘eye’ option on the app map screen.

The selection available from the Ipad menu screen were different again, maybe 8 or the 10.

So, easy question. Why?

Only PC/Mac have the drone cam (0, controlled by cursors and ± keys).

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I know. My question is ‘why?’.

If I had to guess, it would be because other devices don’t have a keyboard.

Not ‘why can’t I use a device that doesn’t have a keyboard to choose all the camera angles’. It’s ‘why are the selections different across different hardware? Why can’t I press the eye 10 times to scroll through the 10 options on the app, when clearly 10 options are there’.

Hi @John_Sanderson_7330

It’s hard to provide you with a definitive “why”, but if I had to wager a guess, this is either a design choice or some other functional limitation as determined by Zwift’s developers. Some device platforms that run Zwift have limitations that others do not, and while these differences are few and far between, they exist.

If this is a change you’d like to see in Zwift, feel free to create a new post in the Feature Requests section of the forums. That’s the best place to make suggestions for changes and additions in Zwift, and have your voice heard by Zwift’s developers. Others will be able to view your post and upvote it.

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