Camera Angles differ in AppleTV and iOs Companion app

Hi all, sorry if it was discussed already … I run Zwift on my Apple 4K TV and mostly use IPad & Companion app to control it (don’t like Apple remote and try to avoid it). But I noticed there are different sets of camera angle (and different order) in TV app and Companion app. I mean the blue “camera” button in blue Action bar (I believe it’s proper name).

  • In AppTV there are 8 views in this order 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 (I can’t see 9 and 0, but I believe it’s on purpose)

  • but when I use my iPad and companion app I get this angles 1-5-4-6-7-3 … yes, different order and … what is more important, angles 2 and 8 are missing at all. It’s a pitty, Especially in case of angle 8.

Is this just error or do I miss something ?

Moreover - there is “Graph” blue button on AppTV Action Bar, which is missing on Companion app, also …

Appreciate your comments in advance …


Same for desktop, more camera views.

Thank You for reply. Well, I understand why those camera views are different on desktop, tablets, phones etc … cos of different “computing power”. As some angle needs a lot of calculations which need more powerful processor, thus not available on weaker machines. Got it.

But I use Apple TV (Zwift installed there) and iPad works just as a controller via companion app. If I am right, in this case iPad doesn’t compute anything - it just switches some option on Apple TV (instead of native remote). That’s why different sets of camera view confuse me …