Category enforcement - how much data do I need?

I haven’t ridden for 60+ days.
This means I can’t enter category enforcement races other than on my own in E, which is not a good alternative.

How much do I need to ride to sort this out? Will a short (<20 mins) race do? Or does it need to be longer?

Yes, that’ll be fine.

I think it’s anything over 2km.

NB. Any activity will do it, doesn’t need to be a race.

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Any CE start pen changes seem to happen around 1400-1500 BST.

If you do a traditional (non-ramp) FTP test then you would probably end up riding at VO2 during the warm up and at FTP or close during the actual test which should presumably count for CE as workouts do count. Alternately any workout which does a bit of both would also count.