Category Enforcement - How is my category calculated? [February 2022]

I would also suggest using CP calculations from 5-50 min. I did a bit of test cases and if you ignore the values under 5 min you don’t get the lowering of CP effect.

There’s lots of ways to improve it. The big problem is either:

  • They are changing things and not telling people causing mass confusion
  • They are not changing anything
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Maybe it would have been easier if they had simply used the 1’ and 5’ metrics in ZP as well as the 20’ one and made it a 90 day best-of-three for all 3 metrics instead of just one. They could have highlighted the parameter which was exceeded in the ZP race results and, that way, riders would find it easier to understand (but possibly not influence?).

It would be much harder for 'baggers to monitor and control 3 parameters during a race.This seems too simplistic; I’m sure there are major flaws in my thinking :grin:

Maybe all the proverbial eggs are now being placed into the new race rankings basket.

I was just thinking of fixing the obvious easy error. CP is not a bad metric to use , it is a lot better than 20min.

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Giving the benefit of doubt, I presume they have changed things as the thresholds are different to those communicated at the start… as I said benefit of doubt, you can workout what it would be if it was simply wrong from the outset.

Remember the zwift power category table… it’s been removed from all zwiftpower pages. People in HQ (as ‘zwift’ doesn’t make decisions, people do and here they fail to own those decisions) are making changes and it’s a conscious decision to not communicate the info with users/customers.

James I rushed the last post and added my own text into Flints post by accident. Hopefully this link takes you direct to it.

You will notice they changed VO2 max for Cat A and B. They also changed MAP values which I think we all knew were not aligned correctly.

Edit : I’m assuming these are still the current figures !

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Not been on this forum in a while as it tends to melt my head a bit.

Has there been any update on the roadmap to getting either Zwiftpower fully integrated with the new CE ways of categorisation, or replacing it completely with something better that is part of Zwift itself?

I’ve been helping run a race series for the first time recently and that disconnect is a huge part of the issue. Only response we’ve been able to give is basically along lines of ‘Zwiftpower category can only be taken as advisory and you have to suck it up if a ZP B is beating you in C, as we can only guess how CE is allowing them into the race’.

I’m not sure if you saw post 1481 above from Dejan. He appears to be combining both ZP criteria and CE. I’m not a Race Organiser but I’m sure @DejanPresen will be along shortly and explain further, if required, how to incorporate it in your races.

Ah nice, is Dejan from ZHQ then and working on full integration / replacement of Zwiftpower?

No, just a regular here and Probably a Race Organiser for his Club’s races/events.

Hi…i’m just organiser of VirtuSlo Tour Fight for GC and VirtuSlo 4Endurance League.

I have been following CE since the introduction…but since we found out that CP calculations can be manipulated i also included ZP Categories. This way anyone over the Category Treshold can’t return to lower category.

Ah good stuff. We might try use that in the next season we run. Which option is it in Zwiftpower?

You setup the event in ZP Series with this setup.

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Not been on here for a while after months of the same questions being asked week after week I’ve lost interest.

I do wonder at what point ZHQ would be better off throwing out CE as it’s quite clearly a mess. If they are not going to spend any more development time on it I wonder if there is an option to move back to ZP pen enforced cats until such a time a ranking solution is available.

it’s that or we will be going in circles for the next few months answering the same questions that have been asked for the last 6 months.

…i’ll go back to putting this thread on ignore :smiley:

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This… or the extent of their FAQ should be along the lines of “Zwift has assigned you your category based on proprietary algorithms based on your past riding history; you don’t need to know how we determined your category, only know that you’ll be racing against comparably capable competitors in whatever CE race you join.”

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Some info here:


Surely you’re not agreeing with those who said from the start that CE was a complete waste of development effort, and that Zwift would have been much better off doing the simpler enforcement of the existing pen categories?!!!

Say it ain’t so!

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In lieu of rankings, CE is a good concept very badly executed.

I’m not sure many said CE was a bad thing or waste of development when we finally got it but that was on the assumption that it was ZHQ attempt at a better category system and it would evolve to fix some of the main issues with ZP like the ability to add custom cats or variable wattage floors.

But what we have got is a system that has not been developed and left to rot add on top of that the mass confusion on why a rider is what category it’s worse than what ZP with cat enforcement would of been.

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@xflintx is there any update on the roadmap for CE development, integration with Zwiftpower (or replacement), and rankings?