Category Enforcement - How is my category calculated? [February 2022]

This is why i use also ZP as a category boundary.

Zwiftpower Category (ZP) or Category Enforcement (CP):
Pen A: ZP Cat A or CP +4.2 W/kg
Pen B: ZP Cat B or CP +3.36 W/kg
Pen C: ZP Cat C or CP +2.625 W/kg
Pen D: ZP Cat D or CP -2.625 W/kg

It’s organizer job to give this guys UPG

Its a fair point but the counter to play the other side.

  1. Zwift says CE works.
  2. Zwift limit what category a racer can enter so everyone is in the ‘right’ category.

Based on those factors, should you be DQ’ing people for going over thresholds and trying their best?

In second guessing the CE process you re-introduce people riding to boundaries and not racing their hardest.

I also completely understand that this falls apart on point 1 above as its simply isnt working.

CE can be manipulated in a few ways…it’s not only short term power.
This is why most of the organizers are also using ZP Category limits.

Unfortunately, most 'baggers are well versed in the art of manipulating their ZP cat rating. It’s all a bit of a nightmare :scream:

Personally I think not all CE data thresholds should be made public otherwise Sandbaggers will soon learn how to manipulate it. When you are racing you shouldn’t be looking at stats to keep within certain limits instead racing as hard as you can.


So what you are asking is how does 3.48wkg 20 min equate to a sub 3.3 CP ? I should have read the post more carefully.

Zwift was not using 20 min it was using 95% of 20 Min for ZP Cat boundaries. Between C & B the boundary was 3.2 wkg ( call it what you will FTP or 95% of 20 min)

When they decided to move to CE they continued to use 3.2 for CP boundary. To me this suggested that they saw FTP and CP as exactly the same. There was some debate as to whether they are actually the same or not.

People got confused so a month or so back they posted that people were confused so let’s add this 5% back on again. This took the boundary to 3.36 CP.

95% of 20 min 3.48 = 3.306 (FTP and CP if you consider them the same)

3.306 is less than 3.36 so rider has ability to race Cat C under CE.

Hope this answer meets your satisfaction level which was clearly rock bottom with my last attempt !

It’s not that BLACK & WHITE as you suggest.

CP is not using any 95% … it’s calculated from Watts taken at different effort times from your Power Curve. If a Rider did 3.48Wkg in the last 60days…check his weight if it’s increased.

I think you mistook my response as a slight on your response… It wasnt… :slightly_smiling_face:

Is FTP & CP the same? In the real world they are not, but does CE equate them to be the same?
Does the CE use 95% of 20mins? I didnt think it did

edit - Dejan beat me to it

Im also conscious whilst we discuss amongst ourselves this is all guesswork to work out if something is broken or not. Another reason why we need transparency.

People have worked out how to manipulate it now, and those who want to do it will do so. Removing information from the wider audience due to the bad faith of a minority(?) is wrong - You are letting the bad actors dictate the terms by which everyone plays along with.

Thank you, understood :blush:

No I don’t think FTP and CP are the same, from what I have read elsewhere. But I think Zwift did otherwise why did they originally just convert the 2.5, 3.2, 4.0 wkg FTP boundaries straight over to the new CP boundaries. I posted such questions at the time with little useful feedback.

I have spent hours reading up on VO2 Max, MAP and CP and tying up riders power outputs across various 3min, 5min, 6min and 12 min times and using several possible calculations, including HighNorth 2, 3 and 4 test, to identify how Zwift actually calculates those three areas.

I know that 3.48 wkg for 20 min is not necessarily going to exactly match up with how Zwift calculate CP using several points from a 2 - 50 minute power curve.

What I think I also know is that in the past 3.48 would have been over the 3.2 FTP B/C boundary but now that Zwift has recently added a further 5% to that boundary it is likely it will be under the new 3.36 CP boundary.

I agree with you on the transparency issue and hope we see a change in this respect soon.

We might have worked this out… And it doesnt get any better.

The rider has a strong 2min power - 5wkg+
The rider has a flat 5-20 min power profile at 3.48wkg

So strong short range power for C standards, above C category 20min power = Race in C category with CE.

Rider is a B cat in Zwiftpower.

Right, the Top B Riders increased their MAP in the last ZRL Race.

Another rider might have lowered his 2-5 Min Power and increased cp. 95% is around 3.85 and 3 min @4,95…

It’s a curve fit through the power curve so if the left hand side goes up (good short term power) the right hand end of the curve can go down (lower CP hence lower cat). Yes this is just as wrong as it sounds.

If you want to categorise people based in power, you might as well just make it 1-5 min power from the outset and ignore 20+ min completely as almost all races are determined by the short term performance (down to 30s or even 15s for the flattest sprints).

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Agree with you.

This weeks race had a really good tough 12-14 minute finishing climb. If I forget to look next week you might let me know if this rider is not CE cat C next week. I suspect one or two have gone over the CE limit on a 2 point CE calculation I have been looking at.

they use 3 min and somewhere between 10-12 min. they don’t use anything in between so 5 min is basically irrelevant, you can exceed the limits by a huge margin if you have a specific power profile. vo2 is probably derived from 10-12mins and bodyweight. they might calculate long duration CP at some interval but it’s beyond my physical ability to find out what the limit is there if they do

sorry if this is supposed to be like top secret or whatever but zwift never did me any favours and i don’t feel like doing them any more either.


I missed this from Flint. So we don’t actually know what the current thresholds are? Seems nuts to be changing them and not also communicating them (let alone actually displaying them somewhere). How is anyone supposed to help another rider who is confused?

It’s great. It is designed for everyone to be confused so there is actually no help that can or should be offered. I assume there is a bonus incentive for forum topics of Zwift Employees. When your topic comes up often in the forum you get a bigger bonus. Category enforcement is genius from that regard.

It’s also nice that it was started, implemented poorly and then effectively stopped. I assume someone in Zwift just thrives on chaos, miscommunication and disappointments.

Your treatment does me laugh when I see some of these guys.

I’m just listing some interesting profiles. Draw your own conclusions.

My favourite is the: ‘DQ BS’ code


It would work pretty well if the W’ part of the equation was implemented in a sensible way, instead of being so high it basically means you can force your CP value down.

Reported the second guy almost 3 weeks ago, and it looks like f all have happened since. Using it as a test to see just how hopeless the process is, as there is no way he is even close to legit