Category drop B -> E


I have been a cat B pretty much all the time apart from a brief A …

I have just logged back in for the winter after 6 months off and I’m now an E on Zwift Power.

So I had to do an E race as categories were enforced which I pointlessly won solo by minutes.

What has happened? and how do I get back to B?

I always have the summer off and have never seen this before

This is how the relatively new CE category enforcement system works. If you don’t have any ride history for 90 days it puts you in E category. Now that you have raced E category you will see the 20 min power you did has put you in C category. This now allows you to race in any category C or above. Of course you can now choose to race in B category.

The system was re-designed this way to stop you coming back and racing in D category. But daft as it seems you didn’t need to actually race you could have gone out and done a gentle ride and been given a D category thereby defeating the whole point of the E category !

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