Capital Sport Infinity Pro 4 treadmill

Dear Zwift Developers!

I have a “Capital Sport Infinity Pro 4” treadmill equipment and ZWIFT does not handle this treadmill.
Can you put it to the development roadmap?


If a treadmill doesn’t support standard ANT+FEC (fitness equipment control) or BLE-FTMS (FiTness Machine Service), there is nothing Zwift can do about it.

They offer a footpod, or you could go with a variety of other sensor options such as a Garmin HRM-Pro/Pro+ (acts as a footpod and foot speed sensor), or an NPE-Runnn which attaches to the treadmill and measures belt speed.

EDIT - seconding the advice below to reach out to @Roberto_Viola about QZ Domyos.

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You may be able to get it working using the QZ Domyos app written by @Roberto_Viola.

If you open a ticket via Gifthub he can probably advise you accordingly.

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Hi @Istvan_Szegedi as @Stuart.Middlecoate suggested, contact me and I will add the compatibility of your treadmill if it’s not already covered
Let me know



It would be wonderful if you could add my treadmill device: Capital Sport Infinity Pro 4.


let’s continue on the facebook group