can't see stages on a ride down left hand side

Can you elaborate more on that.

Do you mean that you can’t see the recommend Wattages during a workout? 

I want to jump in on this topic, I have the same thing happening. I’ve joined two group workouts this week, and I did not get the wattages module on the left side of the screen. If i start a regular individual workout, I see the watt stages down the left. Group workout, no watt stages down the left. I did take a screenshot of the first time it happened this week if you want to see it.

This morning, I joined the Fondo training workout, and no wattages down the left.

Zwift is keeping me with the group so I know I’m part of the group workout.

I’m using Apple TV 4K if that helps at all.

here is the screenshot from earlier in the week. And through group chat, I did confirm that other people in the group were seeing the wattage module on the left. The ride leader said he heard of it happen during an earlier workout as well so I think this is an established bug, it’s not just me.

I had the same thing happen yesterday - also using Apple TV - Sean ; I was part of the group but couldn’t see what (Watt?) I should have been doing. 

Mine was a Fondo workout too - ‘13min Progressive Climb’. 

I could see the names of the other group members and their W/kg, time gaps from me and messages but there was no display on the left side.

It also, no matter where I was, told me I was 63rd position. That was the case whether I was at the very front or hanging out the back. 

Did you join the workout part of the way through or were you at the ‘start line’? In my case, I turned up a couple of minutes into the workout. I don’t know if that made any difference.

The girl taking the workout I was doing said the same thing happened to her when she was late for a group workout. I’m a semi-regular ‘late joiner’ and it’s the first time I haven’t been able to see suggested Wattages.

PS: I used Zwift’s messaging service to ask if everyone else could see the Wattages in yesterday’s group workout and, in line with  Sean’s  experience, they could. 

I was on time for both workouts, sitting in the holding area with my little virtual trainer so it sounds like it happens in both scenarios. 

By the way, kind of off topic, I exited the Fondo training this morning when I didn’t get my watt display area. But then I changed my mind and wanted back in. I couldn’t find out how to join an existing group workout. On the list of workouts it only showed workouts that were starting in the future. Let me know!

I’ve had that happen too.

I put it down to Zwift having a cutoff point, say, half an hour into a workout. If, however, you tried leaving and rejoining right at the start, that’s peculiar. 

Hopefully one of the Zwift boffins will reply and let us know what’s going on. 


This is due to the group workout not downloading properly, typically due to a less than ideal internet. However, we’re working on some safeguards, so you’ll see this less and less.