Can't pair Qubo DIgital Smart B+ with Apple TV Zwift

for some reason I just can’t pair my Smart B+ unit that I got last year with the new Apple TV gen 4 app for Zwift

Everything else is pairing but not the roller. Using a 4iiii strap which I see in the Zwift pairing boxes. The HR, Cadence and Power is all consolidated under one BL channel and works fine, but can’t pair the smart trainer 

It was working fine in Bluetooth on the Macbook Pro but not with the new apple TV app

Any insights?

If it helps anyone I just setup my insurance smart rollers with qubo digital b+ unit with apple TV 4 and it works perfectly. Using a 4iiii power meter and just using the qubo as a controllable resistance All connected instantly just as I wanted it. Changed over to the apple tv as my laptop finally died on me.