Can't include photos or links in my forum posts?

Any ideas, making it hard to get help on a setup for a friend’s bike.

Not a bug. A spam prevention feature for newer users.

I’ve been here since beta!

Haha well maybe you haven’t posted much before?

Post on and off since 2016… maybe they’ve changed some rule recently and I fell under the threshold?

Can’t even post the link to my activity!

Used to be able to do so but, in true Zwift form, they pushed an update and broke it. May well have been deliberately, for once.

Try now.

Nice one, working again. Cheers Paul.

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I am having trouble with this also.

I’m checking my notifications, and the one that says I’ve earned basic status reads:

This badge is granted when you reach trust level 1. Thanks for sticking around and reading a few topics to learn what our community is about. New user restrictions have been lifted; you’ve been granted all essential community abilities, such as personal messaging, flagging, wiki editing, and the ability to post multiple images and links.

That’s great, but I can confirm, I’ve had one post now where I can’t post links. Worse, there was another time where, and I swear this is true, I didn’t post any links and the post still threw the error message that I couldn’t post any links. I went back and deleted every mention of the word “link” from that post - it was about linking the Withings app to my Zwift account (that functionality is a known bug, btw) - on the off chance that was what was triggering the censor. That didn’t work either.

I have never had this happen anywhere else before. This is bizarre.

Try now.

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All right, it does not look like I can insert links in posts. If that was you, thank you. Do you know what the issue was?

Your Trust Level was too low to post pictures.

That would be reasonable, except I was trying to post links to Zwift forum posts.

Have the same problem for several months … no links, no pictures allowed in my posts. I tried to contact Zwift about this issue, but have never got any response …

so, … @Paul_Allen may I ask you for help?

Hi @Paul_Allen, 3 days passed, and still no reply/reaction …

… so, let me repeat my humble request again: Are you able to help me with this issue (read: I’m unable to use links/pictures in my posts, here on the forum).

Anyway, if you are unable or unwilling to do that, I’m OK with it, just let me know …
Appreciate your response in advance.


I would recommend you contact @shooj to assist you since your situation is different than what new users are experiencing when they cannot post images.

new users? Are you serious? As far as I can see above, user C V_ROOM wrote:

I’ve been here since beta!

definitely, he is not a new user, and you were able to help him (as far as I can see) …

… so definitely it’s not about the "new users "only issue -), isn’t it? :slight_smile: Anyway, I consider your response as “I’m unwilling to help”… No problem, really … and again … no poor excuse needed :-))))

So, please, @shooj … may I ask you to cooperate with this issue? :upside_down_face:


Your situation is different.

Ride On!

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Good luck - I’ve been waiting since August for answers on several different issues!

No, Paul, my situation is absolutely the same as the problem mentioned above … I can’t use links and pics in my posts … that’s all I need to solve here. To clarify the situation let me describe what exactly happened:

  • I got “ban = account silenced” in January 2020 because of my posts, some of my comments which were considered “problematic/offensive/ so on & so on”. OK, I have no problem with it. I said what I said and got a ban. Again - NO PROBLEM. But please note: I got the ban because of my posts/content, not because of any links or pics.

  • As most “bans” are time-limited, I was waiting for some time … quite patiently … one week, two weeks, one month, two months … nothing happened. Then I wrote a message to Zwift with a polite question … and … believe it or not … I got a response (almost immediately) and my account was unsilenced (I believe “unsilenced” means the ban is removed). It happened on April 8 (yes, 8 months ago)

  • Great, I could write posts again, whenever and wherever I want. But I’ve found the strange issue - I was/am unable to use links and pics in my posts. Moreover, I was/am unable to VOTE. This seems quite weird -> I can write whatever I want, but I’m unable to share links/pics. If you want to help some folks with some external information it’s quite bothering.

  • I tried to contact Zwift several times about this “crippled account issue”, but no response … literally nothing.

So, now we are NOT talking/arguing about my ban, as there is currently NO ban as far as I’m aware … it was canceled/removed months ago …
All I want to solve is this stupid “NO LINKS NO PICS” issue. And this issue is the same as mentioned already above … If you are unable to fix it, I hope @shooj can do it, or please advise whom to ask …