Can't give Ride On.

When in game, when I click on a rider’s name on the Nearby Rider board, nothing happens.

I use a PC only, No ZML etc.


Everything else seems to work fine except occasionally, when I press the Down arrow for a U turn nothing happens and I have to retry several times a few seconds later.


The U turn thing is infreq but the inability to give a Ride On is constant.

When you click on the riders name does a thumbs up sign not appear to the left of their name?  Clicking that then give a ride on.

Reference the U turn, they are limited to 15mph and under speed limit so are you perhaps trying to do one at speed?

Nothing happens.


I click and click and I don’t get the thumbs up.


Actually, I tap and double tap on the mouse pad on my lap top.

I ride in the garage and my hands are cool because I have Raynauds so maybe my hands are too cold but the other functions will work.


The U turn is just the down arrow. It seems to work at all speeds but it forces a slow down before the turn. I never have to slow down first.  I just press the down button and around I go if it is going to work.