Can't connect ant usb

Can anyone help me get zwift to work correctly again?

I was using a Mac book. It is older and swift stopped letting me ride because it said I need to upgrade.

I have since installed zwift on two different Dell laptops
And I can’t get past the opening screen where it detects power source.

I’m using ant. It was USB plugged into Mac no problem for years.

Windows 10 PC won’t recognize it and zwift just says no power source

Can anyone help me get this up and running this is really frustrating something so simple as a USB connection doesn’t work

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Hi @Paul_Michael_Vit

Welcome to the Forums!

Dave shared a good resource and there are other helpful resources as well which may assist you in resolving the issue, such as this Zwift support article for example.

Thanks I’m going to try this for sure first thing tom