Can't access the Zwift store?

Hi Community:

I am absolutely new to the Zwift community, and today I created a Zwift account, and logged in as I wanted to access the Zwift store to buy a cadence sensor for my shoe so I could start running on my treadmill. But for some reason, as soon as I logged in, the link to the Zwift store disappeared at the bottom of the page. I can’t find a link anywhere in the Zwift website interface to access the store except when I logout; then I can find it camouflaged at the bottom of the page with the rest of the generic links. When I click on this link, it just dumps me to the main page! Doesn’t this company want to sell stuff and make money? I am on a Windows PC using the Chrome browser. How do I buy a shoe cadence sensor? Should I just forget the official sensor and go with a Garmin fitness watch? Thanks to this community for any help you can send me here,

Are you in Canada? Canadian Zwift Shop Closure [July 20 2021]


Also, a couple of my friends got the Zwift run pod on Amazon and we had a lot of trouble with them. Try joining the Zwift Runners group on fb. Typically the fb groups are a little more active for things like product recommendations.

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Well that pretty much sums it up why can’t access the store! Thanks Sara for taking the time to send me that link.Maybe this will help other noob Canadians like myself. I will try your suggestion of looking for a Zwift running group on Facebook.