Zwift Shop is open

Seems the Zwift Shop is open with some near gear: Shop - Zwift

Awsome! I saw they now sell the Zwift Run Pod. Is it the same as the Milestone Pod? It does look pretty similar!

Zwift owns Milestone Pod as of earlier this year.

I was aware of that. I am also wondering if it is the exact same as the milestone pod or a newer version. A quick Google search gave me no results.

They should add this jersey:


It’s nicer than the orange and black ones they currently have online.

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Also, I’ve noticed that (men’s) T-shirts are pretty much all out of stock apart from XXL sizes.

I hope that won’t be the case when the UK version opens.


Any news on a UK shop?

$18 is a lot per bottle. =)

Some new items have been added to the Zwift Shop

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$18 for two simple waterbottles! that says a lot about zwift,when i have ordered cyclegear from different shops i usually get bottles for free,with the amount we pay each month a bottle or a cap wouldnt be to much to ask for!

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That was for 2 bottles.