Zwift Jersey and Shorts

I like the look of the Zwift kit that I see in all of the promos… How can I get one?

That link gets me at least one step further but the cycling kit section looks empty here.

Suppose it’s in the works… or is there something wrong… ? 

Please also add on the kit page clear methods/ways to determine the clothing size. Getting a wrong size is painful when shipping from US to EU and will also lead to complaints

Tnx in advance! 

Ok, we have the shirt now in the shop, guess it’s now waiting for the pants/shorts to show up. Have to wait with an eventual order to reduce the shipping and custom costs to Europe. 

Two separate shipments would result in too high costs.

Any ETA when the pants/shorts will be available ? 

I’m also missing a stock indication on the site. Are the shirts in stock, are they pre-orders… can’t find an indication on that…

Tnx in advance for the reply.

I’d have liked to purchase a Zwift jersey and some water bottles, but unfortunately what’s on sale isn’t really sensible :frowning:

There’s only a very high end version @ $120 + international shipping + VAT (20% UK Tax).  Then if the size is wrong (Jersey’s are notorious for being different from their supposed specifications) I’d have to send it back to the US and pay shipping charges both ways.  This could easily cost £120 - £150+ for a shirt.  Furthermore, for the UK weather a shirt made for high summer temperatures isn’t ideal either.

I can see where Zwift are coming from with a Castelli super high-end shirt, but you’d think it would make more business sense to sell well priced, good quality shirts locally (simple eBay shop / amazon reseller).  That way they would sell large quantities and every single one on a cyclist = free advertising.  You see lots of people wearing them and you think “must give that a go”.

I really did want some Zwift gear and I was ready to buy it, so I am quite disappointed.