Bike shorts, not bib.

Not exactly a feature request, but I didn’t see any place in the shop to put this.  Please consider some Zwift women’s shorts that are not bib shorts.  I have a long torso and don’t wear bib shorts, but would love some Zwift shorts.  Just bought the shirt today.

Hi Tena, 

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I’ll make a note of this and add it to our request list. 

Ride On! 

I’d also prefer shorts.

But more importantly a local distributer (e.g. Amazon Store or eBay) should be used (avoids tax, high shipment charges and issues with returns).   Then a “core” brand being sold alongside the “elite” gear.

Generally in the UK we pay around £40 for a quality bike jersey.  Currently the one on sale would cost in excess £120 to import into the UK, Pay the shipment charges and pay the VAT.  Then there is the risk it’s the wrong size and then there would be another £50 (approx) of charges to incur sending back and posting a new one.