Cannot un-pause workout (iPhone)

Hi, thought I’d feedback.

I paused a workout last night to fiddle with Netflix and find something else to watch.

Paused using iPhone app. (latest version) over WIFI as usual.

Problem is the pause button on the app. then disappeared, and I could not restart the workout. This doesn’t normally happen, but then I normally only pause for a few seconds to synchronise a Sufferfest workout with the video on another screen. This time I had the workout paused for 30 to 40 seconds.

Could you look into this, as it meant I ended up not doing the last 20min of the workout. The app. should retain the un-pause option indefinitely, and what would be really good is a fallback solution just using the computer (i.e. a keyboard shortcut to pause / restart workouts).

If there is a keyboard shortcut already, perhaps we simply need a list of the keys to use somewhere accessible within the program.


Hi Alistair, 

Thanks a lot for your feedback. This is very unusual problem we never heard of. Perhaps your phone got disconnected? Were you able to reproduce this issue?

There is no keyboard key for pausing a workout at the moment unfortunately but what you could do is, start a new workout and skip through to where you ended by hitting “tab” key.

I had this happen on my iPad Air 2.  It is very frustrating to no be able to unpause and continue the ride.  I also had the mobile ap on my Android phone and that also did not allow me to unpause and resume.

Same thing happens to me on my IPad Pro.  I can pause a workout, but there’s no button to unpause.  I have to exit the workout and restart.  That’s unacceptable!

Dear All Above,


I am having the very same issue today. Paused. I continually kickstart, redownload, and save the ride however I am Paused. Why?